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DecemberContext-based adaptive arithmetic encoding of EAVQ indices
K. Lakhdhar & R. Lefebvre

?Lyrics based score follower
D. Beaudette & R. Lefebvre


AugustGlottal-shape codebook to improve robustness of CELP codecs
V. Eksler & M. Jelinek


OctoberG.718: A new embedded speech and audio coding standard with high resilience to error-prone transmission channels
M. Jelinek, T. Vaillancourt & J. Gibbs


NovemberFast recovery for a CELP-like speech codec after a frame erasure
M. Chibani, R. Lefebvre & P. Gournay

MayWideband speech coding advances in VMR-WB standard
M. Jelinek & R. Salami


SeptemberOn the architecture, operation, and applications of VMR-WB: the new CDMA2000 wideband speech coding standard
S. Ahmadi & M. Jelinek

MayExtended AMR-WB for high-quality audio on mobile devices
R. Salami, R. Lefebvre, A. Lakaniemi, K. Kontola, S. Bruhn & A. Taleb


SeptemberSignal modification method for variable bit rate wideband speech coding
M. Tammi, M. Jelinek & V.T. Ruoppila


JulyNear-ellipsoidal Voronoi coding
S. Ragot, M. Xie & R. Lefebvre


NovemberThe Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband speech codec (AMR-WB)
B. Bessette, R. Salami, R. Lefebvre, M. Jelinek, J. Rotola-Pukkila, J. Vainio, H. Mikkola & K. Jarvinen


DecemberHexacode-based quantization of the Gaussian source at 1/2 bit per sample
S. Ragot, J.-P. Adoul & R. Lefebvre


OctoberA Single DSP System for High Quality Enhancement of Diver's Speech
D. Berkani, H. Hassanein & J-P. Adoul

MarchDesign and description of CS-ACELP: a toll quality 8 kb/s speech coder
R. Salami, C. Laflamme, J-P. Adoul, A. Kataoka, S. Hayashi, T. Moriya, C. Lamblin, D. Massaloux, S. Proust, P. Kroon & Y. Shoham


SeptemberITU-T G.729 Annex A: reduced complexity 8 kbit/s CS-ACELP codec for digital simultaneous voice and data
R. Salami, C. Laflamme, B. Bessette & J-P. Adoul

MayPWL nonlinear adaptive filter via RLS and NLMS algorithms
N. Plaziac, C. T. Ledinh & J-P. Adoul


SeptemberAlgebraic vector quantization of LSF parameters with low storage and computational complexity
M. Xie & J-P. Adoul


SeptemberA low-rate multi-level voice/video transceiver for personal communications
L. Hanzo, L. Streit, R. Salami & W. Webb


AugustA toll quality 8 kb/s speech codec for the Personal Communications System (PCS)
R. Salami, C. Laflamme, J-P. Adoul & D. Massaloux


SeptemberOn QAM speech transmission schemes for microcellular mobile PCNs
L. Hanzo, W. Webb, R. Salami & R. Steele


AugustTransmission of digitally encoded speech at 1.2 kbaud for PCN
L. Hanzo, R. Salami, R. Steele & P.M Fortune


DecemberThe "stretched"-Golay and other codes for high-SNR finite-delay quantization of the Gaussian source at 1/2 bit per sample
Z. Ben-Neticha, P. Mabilleau & J-P. Adoul


SeptemberNearest neighbor algorithm for spherical codes from the Leech lattice
J-P. Adoul & M. Barth

MarchSpherical vector quantization algorithm based on an eight dimensional gosset lattice
C. Lamblin & J-P. Adoul


NovemberFast ML decoding algorithm for the Nordstrom-Robinson code
J-P. Adoul


AugustFast on-line speech/voiceband - Data discrimination for statistical multiplexing of data with telephone conversations
C. Roberge & J-P. Adoul

MarchLa quantification vectorielle des signaux: approche algébrique
J-P. Adoul


MayAn analysis of the fine structure of speech over land mobile radio telephone channels
D. Haccoun, P.Cohen, H.H. Hoc & J-P. Adoul

AprilBackward adaptive reencoding: a technique for reducing the bit rate of μ-Law PCM transmissions
J-P. Adoul


SeptemberEfficient coding of unvoiced sounds in digital telephony
J-P. Adoul & M. Boutaleb-Joutei

SeptemberVoiced-unvoiced discrimination for efficient compression in multichannel telephony
J-P. Adoul, F. Dumont, F. Daaboul & M. Rudko


AugustOptimum bandwidth compression for a class of correlative multilevel coding
P. Cohen, J-P. Adoul & R. Goulet

JanuaryError intervals and cluster density in channel modeling
J-P. Adoul


JanuaryA critical statistic for channels with memory
J-P. Adoul, B. Fritchman & L. Kanal

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