This dialog lets you select the parameters of your simulation.

First, enter the energy used for your simulation (1). The first box is where you set your starting energy, the second is the energy where you want to stop the simulation and the third box contains the step in KeV between each simulation. If the ending energy is smaller or equal to the starting, then the step will be ignored and only one simulation at the starting energy will be done.

Second, enter the number of electrons you want to simulate (2). The bigger the number, the better the results but the longer the simulation.

Third is the beam parameters (3), the first box represents the angle the electrons will be fired into the sample and the second box contains the width of the beam.

Fourth, define the angle of your X-Ray detector (4) with the positive X-axis of the sample being 0 and moving counterclockwise towards the negative X-axis being 180.

Finaly, set the limits of your scan (5). The sample is centered at 0 nm. The step is in nanometers. If you do not wish to scan your sample, uncheck the box SCAN BEAM TO CREATE AN IMAGE. The FROM box then contains the position of the beam on the sample.

Microscope and Simulation Properties