Simulation Miscellaneous Options

This dialog contains the other options that defines a simulation.
(1): Conserving the trajectories takes up a lot of memory. Conserving NONE will not save any trajectories to memory which means that there is no way to view the trajectories after they have been calculated. DISPLAYED ONLY will only keep the trajectories that have been displayed on the screen, this option is good if you want to see the trajectories and change some of their viewing parameters and ALL is used if you want to keep all the trajectories in memory, display a selected few during calculation but after calculations it will display all of them.

(2): Number of electron trajectories to display on the screen during calculations.

(3): Minimal time between backups which are used to continue simulations in case of accidental termination of the simulation.

(4): The minimal energy, in KeV, at which a trajectory is terminated.

(5): If checked the trajectories will be displayed at regular intervals during the simulation, otherwise the first trajectories are displayed.