Canada Research Chair in Efficient Electric Vehicles with Hybridized Energy Storage Systems
Energy and power management of multiple energy sources
Design and state-of-charge estimation of high-performance battery pack
Motor drive for high performance electric vehicles
Modeling and control of multiphysics systems
Variable inductor for electric vehicle power electronics converters
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Sustainable mobility aims to achieve the most efficient use of transportation energy systems by promoting the use of modes of transportation that can reduce energy usage (mostly imported fossil fuels) and environmental impacts. EVs and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) play a fundamental role in sustainable mobility due to their very high efficiency and much smaller local/global emission levels compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. The development of more efficient pure EVs, HEVs and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) presents both a challenge and a definite solution to current mobility issues. In the last few years, battery characteristics have evolved greatly and new ways of storing energy have been developed, such as fuel cells and supercapacitors (SCs). Energy Storage Systems presently available for EVs have either high specific energy (HSE) or high specific power (HSP), but not both. A reliable EV solution should therefore harness the advantages of these distinct ESSs (e.g., batteries and SCs) through their effective management. Proper coordination should take advantage of the most suitable hybrid topologies introduce new improved power converters and explore new configurations for electric motors.


  • New Journal Paper has been published
    "Multi-objective benchmark for energy management of dual-source electric vehicles: An optimal control approach" doi: Authors: Bảo-Huy Nguyễn, Thanh Vo-Duy, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, João Pedro F. Trovão Abstract: This paper proposes a novel method to develop a multi-objective optimal energy management strategy (EMS) for hybrid battery/supercapacitor (SC) electric vehicles. The method is based on an alternative … Read more
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    “Sizing of a Battery Pack Based on Series/Parallel Configurations for a High-Power Electric Vehicle as a Constrained Optimization Problem” doi: 10.1109/TVT.2020.3004010. Authors: L. Pelletier, F. LeBel, C. H. Antunes and J. P. F. Trovao Abstract: The design of electric vehicle batteries is a challenge requiring significant computational, human and material resources. This paper proposes a new framework … Read more
  • New Book Paper has been published in SpringerBriefs in Optimization
    Controller Tuning Optimization Methods for Multi-Constraints and Nonlinear Systems – A Metaheuristic Approach Authors: Blondin, Maude Josée Abstract: This book covers controller tuning techniques from conventional to new optimization methods for diverse control engineering applications. Classical controller tuning approaches are presented with real-world challenges faced in control engineering. Current developments in applying optimization techniques to … Read more
  • IEEE VTS Motor Vehicle Challenge 2021
    Energy Management of a Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive Electric Vehicle Important dates (New deadlines) Registration:   December 20, 2020 January, 31, 2021 Submission:    February 22, 2021 March, 28, 2021 Results:           March 15, 2021 April, 25, 2021 All the technical and practical information are available on:
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    "Scenario-Based Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for Rapid Transit Systems Implementation in an Urban Context" Authors: Jônatas Augusto Manzolli,, João Pedro Trovão, Carlos Henggeler Antunes Abstract: The disorderly growth in large urban centers has led to several problems such as pollution, traffic and precarious infrastructure. Adequate public policies to support urban mobility are key to … Read more