• EMR 21 summer school, 14-17 June 2021| hybrid event
    Link: This year due to the pandemic, EMR'21 will be hybrid including on-line participation from foreign countries. Download the EMR’21 flyer in PDF (English version) After Lille (France, 2006), Harbin (China, 2008), Trois-Rivières (Canada, 2009), Lausanne (Switzerland, 2011), Madrid (Spain, 2012), Lille (France, 2013), Coimbra (Portugal, 2014), Lille (France, 2015), Montréal (Canada, 2016), Lille (France, … Read more
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    "Performance enhancement of powertrain DC–DC converter using variable inductor" doi: 10.1049/els2.12014 Authors: Mebrahtom W. Beraki, João Pedro F. Trovão, Marina S. Perdigão Abstract: Performance enhancement of a powertrain DC–DC converter is provided using a current-controlled magnetic device, the variable inductor (VI). The VI is composed of two groups of windings, main and auxiliary. The auxiliary winding is … Read more
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    “A Comparative Study of Adaptive Filtering Strategies for Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Electric Vehicles” doi: 10.3390/en14123373 Authors: Hoai-Linh T. Nguyen, Bảo-Huy Nguyễn, Thanh Vo-Duy, João Pedro F. Trovão Abstract: Hybrid energy storage systems (HESSs) including batteries and supercapacitors (SCs) are a trendy research topic in the electric vehicle (EV) context with the expectation of … Read more
  • Special Session @ IEEE VPPC 2021, Gijon, Spain
    IEEE VTS Motor Vehicles Challenge 2021Energy Management of a Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive Electric Vehicle
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    “Online characteristics estimation of a fuel cell stack through covariance intersection data fusion” doi: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2021.116907 Authors: Abolghasem Daeichian, Razieh Ghaderi, Mohsen Kandidayeni, Mehdi Soleymani, João P. Trovão, Loïc Boulon Abstract: Employing semi-empirical models to estimate some characteristics of a fuel cell (FC) stack, such as power and polarization curves, is demanded for efficient design of … Read more
  • Student’s Highlight – Hugo Daniel
    The RQEI student committee wants to highlight the specific experiences of members of its student community. Uncommon experiences that highlight scientific research and the opportunities that graduate studies can bring. Nom / Name : Hugo Daniel Affiliation : Université de Sherbrooke – Laboratoire e-TESCDomaine d'étude / Field of study : Génie Électrique Electrical EngineeringNiveau / … Read more
  • Building The Future Hackathon Challenge
    Jônatas Augusto Manzolli, PhD Student at University of Coimbra under the supervision of Prof. Carlos Henggeler Antunes and Prof. João Pedro F. Trovão and researcher at e-TESC Lab and INESC Coimbra, wins the second place in 2021 Hackathon Challenge, sponsored by Microsoft, Galp and GoWithFlow with the project "blockcharging – empowering you".
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    “Hybrid Slime Mould Algorithm with Adaptive Guided Differential Evolution Algorithm for Combinatorial and Global Optimization Problems” doi: 10.1016/j.eswa.2021.114689 Authors:  Essam H. Houssein, Mohamed A. Mahdy, Maude J. Blondin, Doaa Shebl, Waleed M. Mohamed Abstract: The Slime Mould Algorithm (SMA) is a recent metaheuristic inspired by the oscillation of slime mould. Similar to other original metaheuristic algorithms … Read more
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    "A Decentralized Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm" doi: 10.1007/s10957-021-01840-z Authors:  Blondin, M.J. and Hale, M.  Abstract: During the past few decades, multi-agent optimization problems have drawn increased attention from the research community. When multiple objective functions are present among agents, many works optimize the sum of these objective functions. However, this formulation implies a decision regarding the relative … Read more
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    “Fuel Cell-Supercapacitor Topologies Benchmark for a Three-Wheel Electric Vehicle Powertrain” doi: 10.1016/ Authors:  A. Macias, M. Kandidayeni, L. Boulon, J. P. F. Trovão Abstract: This paper compares three optimal hybrid energy system configurations, namely full-active, semi-active and passive, for the particular purpose of assessing the viability of utilizing the passive architecture in a three-wheel electric … Read more
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    "Multi-objective benchmark for energy management of dual-source electric vehicles: An optimal control approach" doi: 10.1016/ Authors: Bảo-Huy Nguyễn, Thanh Vo-Duy, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, João Pedro F. Trovão Abstract: This paper proposes a novel method to develop a multi-objective optimal energy management strategy (EMS) for hybrid battery/supercapacitor (SC) electric vehicles. The method is based on an alternative … Read more
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    “Sizing of a Battery Pack Based on Series/Parallel Configurations for a High-Power Electric Vehicle as a Constrained Optimization Problem” doi: 10.1109/TVT.2020.3004010. Authors: L. Pelletier, F. LeBel, C. H. Antunes and J. P. F. Trovao Abstract: The design of electric vehicle batteries is a challenge requiring significant computational, human and material resources. This paper proposes a new framework … Read more
  • New Book Paper has been published in SpringerBriefs in Optimization
    Controller Tuning Optimization Methods for Multi-Constraints and Nonlinear Systems – A Metaheuristic Approach Authors: Blondin, Maude Josée Abstract: This book covers controller tuning techniques from conventional to new optimization methods for diverse control engineering applications. Classical controller tuning approaches are presented with real-world challenges faced in control engineering. Current developments in applying optimization techniques to … Read more
  • IEEE VTS Motor Vehicle Challenge 2021
    Energy Management of a Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive Electric Vehicle Important dates (New deadlines) Registration:   December 20, 2020 January, 31, 2021 Submission:    February 22, 2021 March, 28, 2021 Results:           March 15, 2021 April, 25, 2021 All the technical and practical information are available on:
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    "Scenario-Based Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for Rapid Transit Systems Implementation in an Urban Context" Authors: Jônatas Augusto Manzolli,, João Pedro Trovão, Carlos Henggeler Antunes Abstract: The disorderly growth in large urban centers has led to several problems such as pollution, traffic and precarious infrastructure. Adequate public policies to support urban mobility are key to … Read more
  • New Column Magazine has been published
    Recent Impacts on the Automotive Electronics Industry [Automotive Electronics]Joao P. TrovaoIEEE Vehicular Technology MagazineYear: 2020 | Volume: 15, Issue: 4 | Magazine Article | Publisher: IEEE ILaS network with ISELED concept illustration (Source: Inova Semiconductor; used with permission)
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    "Experimental Platform for Evaluation of On-Board Real-Time Motion Controllers for Electric Vehicles" has been published in MDPI Energies and is available online: Authors : Thanh Vo-Duy, Minh C. Ta, Bảo-Huy Nguyễn, João Pedro F. Trovão Abstract : Electric vehicles are considered to be a greener and safer means of transport thanks to the distinguished … Read more
  • 33e Gala du mérite de la Faculté de génie de l’Université de Sherbrooke
    Felicitations to Chi Phuong!
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    "Optimisation of fractional-order PI controller for bidirectional quasi-Z-source inverter used for electric traction system" has been published in IET Electrical Systems in Transportation and is available online: Authors: Daouda Mande ; Maude Blondin ; João Pedro F. Trovão Abstract : This study presents the optimisation of fractional-order proportional–integral (FOPI) controllers for a bidirectional quasi-Z-source … Read more
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    "Effect of battery voltage variation on electric vehicle performance driven by induction machine with optimal flux-weakening strategy" has been published in IET Electrical Systems in Transportation and is available online: Authors: Chi T.P. Nguyen ; Bảo-Huy Nguyễn ; João Pedro F. Trovão ; Minh C. Ta Abstract: Electric vehicle (EV) traction drives should be … Read more
  • Doctoral Scholarship Award
    La Bourse de l’AQTr (Association Québécoise des Transports) Catégorie Doctorat est remise à Pascal Messier ing. M.Sc.A, étudiant au Doctorat Laboratoire e-TESC, Université de Sherbrooke.
  • New Journal Paper has been published
    "Real-time Energy Management of Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles Using Linear Quadratic Regulation" has been published in Energies as part of the Special Issue Electric Vehicle Efficient Power and Propulsion Systems and is available online: Abstract: Optimization-based methods are of interest for developing energy management strategies due to their high performance for hybrid electric vehicles. However, … Read more
  • 29º gala PriX Innovation ADRIQ
    21 Novembre 2020 – Palais des Congrès de Montréal
  • IEEE VTS Motor Vehicles Challenge 2021
    ENERGY MANAGEMENT OF A DUAL-MOTOR ALL-WHEEL DRIVE ELECTRIC VEHICLE In this fifth IEEE VTS Motor Vehicle Challenge, a dual-motor all-wheel drive (AWD) electric vehicle (EV) is studied. Two different electrical motors (EMs) are installed in the front and rear axes of the EV, respectively. The EMs are driven by the two inverters connected in parallel … Read more
  • Contributed Book
    Intelligent Control and Smart Energy Management : Renewable Resources and Transportation Intelligent control and smart energy management techniques combined with technological advances have enabled the deployment of new operating systems in many engineering applications, especially in the domain of transport and renewable resources. Indeed, the control and energy management of transportation and renewable resources are … Read more