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Soumaya Cherkaoui Biography


 Pr. Soumaya Cherkaoui, Eng. Ph.D.

Full Professor
 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
 INTERLAB Research Laboratory



Dr. Soumaya Cherkaoui is a Ful Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Université de Sherbrooke, Canada. Since 2005, she has been the Director of INTERLAB, a research Laboratory which conducts research funded both by government and industry. Before joining U. Sherbrooke as a faculty member, Pr. Cherkaoui worked for industry as a project leader on projects targeted at the Aerospace Industry. In 2005, she was appointed Adjunct Full Professor at Lulea University, Sweden, and was a Visiting Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Toronto. In 2006, she was a Visiting Professor at the Centre of Distributed Systems and Software at Monash University, Australia, and in 2012, she was an invited visiting scholar at the University of California at Berkeley.

In 2010, she was appointed member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Network of Centres of Excellence Auto21, Canada. Since 2017, she has been serving as member of MITACS Research Council.

Pr. Cherkaoui has published over 200 research papers in reputed journals and conferences. She co-edited 7 books and collective works, is an associate editor of Elsevier VEHCOM, and has been a guest editor for IEEE journals. She is currently the general Chair of IEEE LCN 2019 and has served as a symposium co-chair for flagship conferences including IEEE ICC 2018, IEEE Globecom 2018, Globecom 2015, IEEE ICC 2014, and IEEE PIMRC 2011. She is  a senior IEEE Member,  and is currently the Vice-Chair of IEEE Communications Socity AHSN Technical Commitee. She is a Professional Engineer of Quebec, Canada.

Her research and teaching interests are in Wireless Networks. Particularly, she works on  Next Generation Networks, Machine-to-Machine Communications, Internet of Things (IoT),  Vehicluar Networks and Smartgrids, 



Selected list of publications   

Recent Invited Talks            

•Keynote Speaker, "Securing the 5G Internet of Vehicles ”, The 12th International The 12th International Symposium on Foundations & Practice of Security (FPS), Toulouse, France, 2019.

•Keynote Speaker, “5G Vehicular Communications: Key enablers and Opportunities”, IEEE 5G-IoT Summit, Tangier, 2019

• Keynote Speaker, “The Future of Mobility”, WIN Events, Montreal,  2018

• Keynote Speaker, “5G Vehicular Communications: Key enablers and Opportunities”, IEEE 5G-IoT Summit, Marrakesh, 2018

• Keynote Speaker, “A Connected World: Challenges and Opportunities in Overcoming the IoT Datastorm”, Science Atlantic Conference, Moncton, Canada, 2018

• Panelist, KHEOPS Summit, Montreal, 2018

• Keynote Speaker, Workshop on Autonomous Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation, Valenciennes, November 2017

• Keynote Speaker, « Empowering Research in Networking - The Real Deal and Challenges Ahead», N^2Women, IEEE LCN, November 2016, Dubai.

• Keynote Speaker, « Vehicular Networking for IoT with Real time Analytics», VISIT 2016 at  IEEE VTC Fall, September 2016, Montreal, Canada.

• Tutorial, IEEE IWCMC « Vehicular Communications: Challenges and Opportunities», September 2016, Larnaka, Cyprus.

• Panelist, “Technologies and Future of the Automobile”, Best of Belron, Montréal, January 2016.   


Recent Activities

(Upcomming in bold )

-        Symposium Chair, IEEE ICC 2021, Montreal, QC, Canada

-         General Chair IEEE LCN 2019,Osnabruck, Germany

-         Symposium Co-Chair, IEEE Globecom 2018, Abu Dhabi, UAE

-         Symposium Co-chair, IEEE ICC 2018, Kansas City, MO, USA

-         Program Chair, IEEE LCN 2018, Chicago, USA

-         TPC Co-Chair, The 13th International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems

2017, Ottawa

-         TPC Co-Chair, IEEE LCN 2017, Singapore

-         Chair, NOTERE 2016, Paris

-         Publicity Co-chair, IEEE LCN 2016, Dubai, UAE

-         Symposium Co-chair, IEEE Globecom 2015, San Diego, Ca, USA

-         Publications Chair, IEEE LCN 2015, Clearwater, FL, USA

-         Co-Chair, 6th IEEE VTC International Symposium on Wireless Vehicular Communications: WIVEC2014, Vacncouver, Canada

-         Corporate Chair, IEEE LCN 2014, Edmonton, AB, Canada

-         Symposium Co-chair, IEEE ICC 2014, Sydney, Australia